Proyecto Emergencia COVID-19 video was produced by CEPIA volunteer Marcel from Shaka media, who helped deliveries in May 2020, together with our project coordinator Bryan Nuñez.
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In these three months, our Psychology Area offered 11 workshops for 159 people. There were various topics: appropriate use of social media, children´s right, improper relationships, sexual abuse prevention, relaxation techniques, and handcraft. CEPIA was part of the presentation “Gender Equality and Equity” held at the Civic Center for La Paz on March 8 for
A group of 6 young people painted a mural on one of the CEPIA walls under the theme “My Tree of Life”. The mural was done as a workshop task and it represents dreams, safety net, and life’s achievements. World ping-pong champion, Soo Yeon Lee from South Korea, visited CEPIA and shared her experience with