Girls and Boys Update
During the last three months, our Daytime Children’s Comprehensive Care Center (CIDAI for its Spanish acronym) received 88 people under 18-year-old. They are divided into three groups: 18 in early childhood, 25 in preschool and 45 in primary school. After several months of work, around 50 girls have graduated from our Girls Club. The graduated
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Vida Mujer Project: 99 women participated of the Copper T campaign of the Vida Mujer project, which promotes sexual and reproductive rights.
Recognition we received from the BAC Credomatic

Awards, legal and acknowledgments

We are honored with the recognition we receive from the BAC Credomatic Bank for social and educational work in the Tamarindo area.
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Manual de agresión y abuso sexual


CEPIA now has three internal protocols in cases of: sexual abuse, violence and parental neglect. These instruments are of great importance for the protection and defense of the rights of our children and adolescents.