October - December 2023 Nwsletter
Playa Brasilito Education Project Thanks to the excellent service of Ojos del Mar, we immersed ourselves in a Visual Health campaign day for the Brasilito community on Saturday, November 25th. With their tireless work, they provided this service to the boys and girls of the community. We would like to express our gratitude to the
Strengthening Playa Grande School In the month of July, the educational project began at Playa Grande School. Through academic tutoring and pedagogical support, it aims to enhance the academic performance of the 10 students in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. This initiative is made possible with the support of the Leah family and the Playa
I am the answer! Reaching more than 200 boys and girls in Guanacaste, in Playa Grande, Matapalo, La Garita, Cartagena, Linderos, Trapiche, Llanito, and Brasilito, the program ‘I am the answer,’ in collaboration with the GAIA Foundation of Costa Rica for the second consecutive year, aims to educate second-grade children in the development of healthy,
Vida Mujer Proyecto Vida Mujer is proud to report that in the first three months of 2023 our efforts to provide low-income women with access to IUDs have continued to make a positive impact on the women and communities in Costa Rica. Through five distinct clinics we have served 97 women in Sardinal, San Jose,