CEPIA News Sept-Oct 2021
New school of music: a work in progress We have started construction of a new music building thanks to a donation made by the Tony Robbins Foundation. We thank all our professional volunteers including Arch. John Osborn, Eng. Rodrigo Altmann and Arch. Abraham Valenzuela for consulting on this project. We’ll have some pictures soon! Follow
Newsletter April – June 2021
Women’s Lives (Vida Mujer) Project. Empowering Women Our Women’s Lives Project continues to provide women with sex education as well as safe, effective and hormone-free contraception. In 2021, we received a further donation of 300 copper T, thanks to Dr. Steven Yu. 81 women from the Nosara region received contraception to avoid unintentional pregnancies. The
Newsletter January/March 2021

Newsletter January -March 2021

Professional Training and Employability The air conditioning repair and maintenance course ended in January, with the graduation of 14 people. We are grateful for the support of WE WORK, Hostel La Oveja Negra, Isaac Ledezma and John Sommer. CEPIA continues to offer English courses, yoga for adults and food handling courses. The electricity, waitress and
October, November and December 2020 Newsletter
2020 was a difficult year and that is why CEPIA was more present than ever. We thank our collaborators, volunteers, board, and donors who have worked to improve the living conditions of many people in our community. We hope that this new year finds us united and caring for one another. Happy 2021 to all!