A successful Christmas campaign Thanks to everyone who donated gifts or money to purchase gifts! Thanks to the Black&White Event and all the donations, we managed to deliver Christmas presents to over 1250 children! 110 families received food packages to celebrate Christmas. A very special thanks to Alexandra Hill Zepeda and Allyson Rappaport for taking
CEPIA Newsletter July-September 2022
Women’s Empowerment Program Under the Women’s Empowerment Program, and in association with the DonorSee crowdfunding platform, this trimester we managed to offer our support to 19 female entrepreneurs. These are all women who have become family breadwinners thanks to their businesses. This initiative helps them strengthen their businesses and increase their product sales. Supporting these
CEPIA Newsletter Apr-Jun 2022
Women entrepreneurs Thanks to the partnership with the donorsee.com platform, this year we have had the opportunity to support a total of 12 women entrepreneurs from the communities of Cartagena, Hatillo, Portegolpe, Belén, La Garita Nueva and Matapalo. These brave women dared to go after their dreams and CEPIA is supporting them! This project is
Newsletter January – March 2022
March 8th – International Women’s Day On March 8th 2022, Tamarindo’s Women’s Group (Colectiva Mujeres de Tamarindo) and ADI Tamarindo organized a beautiful event commemorating International Women’s Day, due to the recent rise in sexual abuse in the Tamarindo area and coastal communities. Since last November, we have been working on developing different actions to