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CEPIA is a costarican nationally accredited non-profit organization that since 2005 promotes culture, educational and labor opportunities, mental and physical health, participation and social cohesion of underprivileged children, teenagers, their families and adults in the coastal communities of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, to improve their quality of life.

CEPIA helps more than


children & adolescents

We are active in


Guanacaste communities

School supplies & uniforms for


kids living in poverty

After-school programs for


children and teenagers

Psychological counseling for


children at social risk

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Guanacaste is the second poorest province of Costa Rica. Poverty reached 22% of all households, 6% of them were extremely poor. Women are mostly single mothers with several children. Fathers mostly do not support the kids responsibly or have very low-income jobs. Women have often been victims of violence in their lives, as well as their children. Some children have been neglected emotionally, socially or suffered malnutrition in childhood. Too many girls have been abused or are touched inappropriately and 25% of teenage girls are pregnant. 40% of youth don’t finish high school.

We cover 24 communities within our area of influence: from Potrero along the coast to San José de Pinilla in the south, and from 27 de Abril to Cartagena east.

How We Help

CEPIA helps children by offering them educational opportunities such as informatics, reading, math, English, social skills, sports, arts and more. We also provide nutritional support, legal support, medical and psychological care, as well as working with their parents.

CEPIA staff provides weekly psychological and educational counseling to children that were referred by teachers, parents, and others.

CEPIA has weekly medical clinic in our center for all the community so they can control overall health, vaccination and other health programs.

CEPIA offers women copper intrauterine devices or IUDs and encourages women to use this cost-efficient method for birth control.

35 children living in high-risk situations (extreme poverty, family conflicts, violent neighborhood) receive daily support.

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