Laetitia Deweer nos habla del liderazgo auténtico

y de la organización sin fines de lucro CEPIA

Liderazgo auténtico y la organización sin fines de lucro CEPIA

Laetitia Deweer, fundadora de la organización sin fines de lucro CEPIA, nos habla sobre el liderazgo auténtico y cómo la industria del turismo puede tener un impacto positivo en las comunidades donde operan.

CEPIA Founder Laetitia Deweer talk Authentic Leadership and how the tourism industry can make a positive impact in our communities

Lea la transcripción de la charla en inglés:

So yes... I'm Leticia and I want to first tell you something about myself: 20 years ago, my family decided to move from Belgium to Costa Rica -an amazing choice-.

They opened a boutique hotel and I was finishing University in Belgium, studying family education and family therapy, and when I finished I took the first plane ticket and I just went to Costa Rica… actually for a sabbatical year but has been now 17 years so…

When when I arrived here I worked for two years with them in the hotel -amazing experience-, but I really felt like I wanted to be connected with my own vocation, with my profession; and so I started going every Saturday to an orphanage, a shelter we have closeby in the city of Santa Cruz, and I realized -also by living in one of the villages you've been today-, that there was a huge need in these communities I talked about many years ago -13 years ago- when we started the organization... the kids had no computers at school, they had no physical education they had no art classes they were only going to school for three hours -maximum four hours a day-, so there was a huge need of doing something, and I felt that this was really my calling and I gathered together with some friends and we all had an amazing idea I think to create awareness... that then here this morning or this afternoon means culture education psychology for infants and adolescents.

So we were born in 2005, 13 years ago I was vice I was executive director for 12 years and I want to actually share a little bit of my experience and what I learned from this.

So actually I want to invite you all to take a deep breath please with me and to close your eyes -and no cheating please- just close your eyes all of you and while you close your eyes I'm going to ask you three questions and I would like you to answer these questions inside of yourself.

Do I care about the communities I travel to?

Do I believe I can have a positive impact on the world?

Do I believe I need a team to achieve my goals?

You can open your eyes and I want to share with you three elements I consider very important about leadership.

I'm gonna talk first about leadership the first element this leadership is taking care of others and of myself; the second element this leadership is teamwork and that's working, and the third element this leadership is not a position, is action.