Our New Executive Director Maria Jose Cappa

Welcome María José Cappa, Our Executive Director

We warmly welcome our new Executive Director: María José Cappa.

María José is from Argentina and arrived in Costa Rica, which she defines as her home, in 1995. She has two children and lives with her dog Minimini, in Chirco de Santa Cruz.

María José has a degree in Educational Sciences, is an Advisor in pedagogy and non-formal educational processes. In addition, she has a Master’s in Project Management.

Professional Practice

She began his professional practice working on the human rights of minors in 2002 in DNI Defense for Girls and Boys International. There she worked with gang members in Rincón Grande de Pavas, then in a project with domestic workers, in another on sexual exploitation and later on, developing some modules for HIV prevention. In 2006 she began her work with World Vision in Santa Cruz, as a community facilitator, with children, adolescents, and vulnerable women. That gave her great knowledge of the area. Then she was the coordinator of the office of the Chorotega Region. A few years later she moved to San José to open an Urban Program in La Carpio and Desamparados. There she worked in alliances with other non-profit organizations, one in early childhood (CECUDI) and the other with extracurricular support activities for school-age children.

Hobbies and free time

María José Cappa likes music, spiritual growth, reading, spending time with her family and her friends. She also likes dancing, singing, dogs and of course, good food. Mrs. Cappa also enjoys exercising, yoga and meditation. She loves the sea, traveling and daytime outdoor activities.

Our new Executive Director likes to create, learn and work as a team. She is happy to be part of CEPIA since he wanted to return to Guanacaste to continue working for the communities to which she has dedicated her life. What motivates her the most is to do something that can improve other´s lives. Welcome to CEPIA!