New CEPIA website

Welcome to our new website!

After several months of work, we launched our new website! We invite you to surf it. It is full of color, life, and stories of overcoming difficulties. We appreciate the great work of Sebastian Horton and his team at digitalTICO. We also thank Martín Salerno who made this possible due to his generous donation.

The first thing you will see is our welcome video that explains our work in a few minutes. Then we suggest three calls to action: volunteer, donate and/or sponsor an event. We also present CEPIA in figures so you can get an idea of the impact of our work.

We also decided to include a map that shows the areas of influence so that you have a clear picture. Each program has an explanation and a photograph. We added a donation button below each one of them.

In addition, it is now easier and safer to make a donation. You can choose the amount of the donation or enter another amount. You can do it through PayPal or an Off-Line donation. Moreover, you can download the report with the statements of the last year to see how the money raised was spent. In our new site, all our donors are also well exposed in their categories: whales and sharks. Now you can click on their logos and visit their pages.

We now have events and news sections: fundraising events, presentations, and celebrations.

We hope that you like it! Please, send us your feedback!